I know the feeling...I’m not one of nature’s bloggers.

Probably not the sort of thing I should admit to in my debut post, but various youthful attempts at keeping a journal fell flat when I realised I was simply cataloguing my daily routine.

Five years of podcasting have changed all that and, to those of you who’ve followed me here from Impossible Podcasts, welcome. You’ll find much of what made the Stories In Print thread so enjoyable continues here, with a few familiar faces in tow.  There’ll even be some Doctor Who stuff when the fancy takes me. (Or when I can no longer contain my ire, whichever happens first).

Otherwise, the focus will be on the art and craft of writing (my own and other people’s), the pleasure of reading, the business of publishing and anything else that catches my eye.

There are some great blogs out there (you’ll find some of them in the sidebar) and I’d like Bell Book & Candle to rank alongside them.

Remember to add me to your RSS feed, and do please add your comments to any post that strikes a particular chord.