Some of you may have spotted a new post discussing the death of Iain Banks, which appeared earlier this evening only to vanish again a few minutes later. I had scheduled it for my regular Wednesday morning slot, but WordPress decided the world couldn’t wait and stuck it straight up there. I didn’t notice this straight away, so it was visible for a little while. My apologies to any of you who tried to follow a link or click the ‘Read More’ jump, to find yourself faced with an unfinished post or an empty page. Normal service has now been resumed.

Mea Culpa. And I thought I'd been getting away with itBut while you’re here, I’ve got a quick update to last week’s ‘Coming Soon…’ post. I’m very pleased to announce that ‘Mundane Adventures’ – the new column charting Kieran Mathers’ adventures in self-publishing – will now be published weekly, rather than fortnightly. The response to Kieran’s first article has been encouraging and he keeps writing the damn things, so there you go.

Simon Kurt Unsworth’s column, ‘The Bellows’, will still be published every other week as planned, and there’s now a good chance that he’ll alternate with yet another guest poster. So that’s two guest posts every Saturday! Things are really starting to move around here and I couldn’t be happier.

But for now, as they say in Hollywood; “See you next Wednesday”.