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The Old IronI’ve got a quick editorial plug before Kieran gets started – the very first episode of Bell, Book & Podcast is coming your way this Wednesday! If you want to hear how a very exciting writer got his debut novel into print, make sure not to miss it. More details coming soon! – P.G. Bell

Having temporarily halted my plans to self-publish The Darkness Embraces, I’m completely re-working my idea of what I’m going to do this month. I’ve got a few options, none of them immediately profitable but, as ever, they might lead to something.

And I’m not spending all day on my Twitter feed, honest.

Meanwhile, I’ve got to find something to increase my chances of publication. I’ve spoken about The Darkness Embraces before so, over the next couple of articles I’ll tell you a little bit more about the other two projects I’ve been working on. I have some freelance work and, of course, the full-time job of Twitter (@kieranmathers).

I’ve already penned the first draft of the sequel to The Darkness Embraces. It’s called The Brothers Baern and is about three brothers who, debt ridden and homeless, go to the south of the Senate’s lands to save a town called Bouldersmere from the bandit menace of ‘King under the Hood’. It’s about brotherhood, loyalty and just how far you might have to go make a lasting difference.

It also turned into two books without me realising it.

I believe that brevity is a useful selling point in the e-book market. The Darkness Embraces is a shade over 50,000 words long. I’d always imagined The Brothers Baern would be about the same length but, 120,000 words later, I realised I just couldn’t tell the story I wanted with such a word count.

In a panic, I spoke to Pete (captain of Bell, Book and Candle) who reminded me that I didn’t have to just write one book. Splitting it into two is going to involve some major narrative re-jigging and a few changes to the pacing, because the best place to split the narrative comes about 100 pages from the end.

Cutting a book in twoWill it sell? If The Darkness Embraces makes an impact then I think it will, because people like series. Not that these books are designed to be read in a strictly chronological order. The Brothers Baern stands as a companion piece, a pre-sequel set about four years before The Darkness Embraces and my proposed fourth book, The Oyster Fisher, would take place after The Darkness Embraces, with a few of the same characters, but seen from an entirely different perspective. This allows me the freedom to explore the world I’ve created and just enjoy writing different situations. I also hope that when people find me on Amazon or wherever, they’ll want to buy multiple books. It’s where the money is, I’m told.

And it appears I’ve always got to chase after the money. So next week, I’ll be working out the best way to sell a woman called Ysabel.

Oh, and in case you missed it, I’m on Twitter now (@kieranmathers)

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