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Sleepless Knights Cover Detail by Jimmy BroxtonI’m very happy to bring you the first in a monthly series of interviews with writers, editors and publishers – Bell, Book & Podcast.

First in the hotseat is Mark H. Williams whose debut novel, Sleepless Knights, has been garnering a storm of positive reviews ahead of its release next month.

Mark sat down with me to discuss the book’s epic journey to publication, including the freedoms and challenges of rewriting King Arthur, the long shadow of Monty Python, why publishers are suspicious of comedy and how he made the jump to becoming a full-time professional writer.

This is a great opportunity to hear from an exciting new writer, so go ahead and download the podcast now. And don’t forget to check out the show notes below.

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Links to things discussed in the podcast

Buy Sleepless Knights direct from the publisher.

More about Mark’s new play, Here Be Monsters.

Visit Mark’s blog – The Octopus Was Very Scary.

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