Things may have been quiet here at Bell, Book & Blog lately but I haven’t been sitting idle. As proof, I offer you this guest post I wrote for Doctor Who Thing (‘The world’s ONLY Doctor Who related website!’) on the advent of the Timelord’s Lego incarnation. Check it out and feel free to leave a comment. And I’ll be back to a more regular blogging schedule very soon!

Doctor Who Thing

dapol 7Guest Post by Peter Bell , you can find more of his writing at

In my day, Doctor Who merchandise was a blissfully simple affair. We had the odd T-shirt (to be worn under the officially licenced 7th Doctor replica tanktop), the disappointing Dalek Attack computer game for the Amiga, and, most prominently of all, we had the Dapol figures.

Ah, Dapol! The name still evokes flutters of excitement in the hearts of a whole generation of fans. Not because the toys were especially good, of course. In fact they were often downright shoddy; the Daleks had paintwork you could rub off with your fingers, K9 was grey, the TARDIS console had the wrong number of sides and the whole lot was forged from plastic that possessed all the durability of bone china. But for nearly two decades, theirs was the only game in town. (And oh, how I still cherish my 25th…

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