About this blog

Welcome to Bell, Book & Blog!

This is a blog about writing – both my own and other people’s.  The stories we read, the stories we write and the bits of life inbetween that inspire us.

My hope is that, as time goes on, it will build into an interesting and useful resource on the art, craft and industry of writing. Expect interviews with authors, editors and publishers as well as updates on my own projects.

My writing

I’m currently putting the finishing touches to ‘An Unwanted Miracle’, a crime horror novel that revisits the roots of the zombie genre.

My short story ‘The Trinket’ – a dark fantasy tale set in Roman Britain – was originally published by Morrigan Books in the anthology ‘The Phantom Queen Awakes‘ in 2010. It was re-published in audio format in 2013 by Pseudopod, ‘the world’s premier horror fiction podcast’. It was downloaded more than 11,000 times within four weeks and made the Pick of the Month list at Amazing Stories Magazine: ‘I don’t usually like multiple timeline stories, but Bell pulls it off beautifully’. To download the story for FREE, just click here.

Over the years, I’ve been a regular contributor to the Western Mail newspaper, reviews website Beyond Fiction and online literature and film festival Vampire Awareness Month (which I co-founded with Morrigan Books editor Mark Deniz). I was also editor of the ‘Stories in Print’ thread at Impossible Podcasts, where my dulcet tones can still be downloaded for your listening pleasure.

Picture credits

The blog’s main header is a detail of ‘night shelves‘, by Flickr user wolf 359. Used under the Creative Commons license.

Get in touch

If you’d like to drop me a line, please feel free to do so using the form below.

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